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Introduction to competency-based management

What do you know about Competency-Based Management? Have you heard about its application in Public Administration? From the Brazilian experience, understand how the Competency-Based Management model can contribute to improve public service, helping the organization to achieve its strategic objectives. This course was made from the original text in Portuguese. Click here for a short tutorial that aims to facilitate access to the course for non-Portuguese speaking users.

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Preferably, civil servants who work in the public administration of BRICS member countries. However, the course is open to all and anyone interested in the subject can enroll.

Conteúdo Programático
  • Module 1 - Personnel Management, Concepts, Definitions and Types
  • Module 2 - Systemic Process, Description of Competency and Case Study
  • Module 3 - Competency-based Management, Strategic Routes and Perspectives
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