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Problem-Solving Skills

Problem solving skills are essential for personal and professional growth. In this course you will learn the LEADS Framework – five fundamental skills at the foundation of effective problem solving. Click here for a short tutorial that aims to facilitate access to the course for non-Portuguese speaking users.

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Carga Horária



30 dias

Público Alvo

Brazilian Civil servants. However, the course is open to all and anyone interested in the subject can enroll.

Conteúdo Programático
  • Module 1 - Introduction to problem-solving skills and self-assessment
  • Module 2 - Introduction to the LEADS Framework
  • Module 3 - L for Leadership
  • Module 4 - E for Effective Communication
  • Module 5 - A for Analytical Thinking
  • Module 6 - D for Decision Making
  • Module 7 - S for Solution Implementation

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